20 June 2012

caught up!

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I have taken the time, organized all the pictures I have taken since the end of March and have started posting them again. There will be more posts in the coming days. I didn't want to overwhelm anyone with a zillion weeks worth of photos. I have totally been slacking off on the posting and don't even get me started on the actual journaling. I think I am on the second day of January or something like that. Hoping to work on it over the summer months.

This mommy duck and her babies crossed our street, which was quite a miracle they all made it across, hubby was watching at the door in case she slowed down, he could stop traffic for her. She came across our front yard, jumped our retaining wall and continued across our driveway into the neighbor's backyard and to the wet lands. Poor little ducklings had a tumble from the top of the wall to the driveway but they all fell down and stood right back up and followed mommy. So cute. I was shooting the pictures through the screen. I didn't want to scare her by opening the door.

It was a very hot one here today. This was taken at around 2pm EST. oh boy I am so happy hubby put the A/C's in the windows last night. I loves him tons for that.

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  1. Such a cute little ducky family!! How adorable.. Wow.. Hot there isn't it!! Its hotter there I think than down here!