18 June 2012

last day of school!

After a not so long school year, we finally arrived at the last day of school. Not sure why this one passed so quickly, but it did. It could have been for the lack of snow days that we had. And for that I am NOT complaining. Or it could have been because next year will bring MUCH change to our household and I am not sure I am ready for it.

First off, my little lady will be heading to the Junior/ Senior high school to be in the 6th grade. Not sure if I have mentioned that I am not that pleased with her having to go to this school and I so wish that this town could have made the correct decision in 2005/ 06 to build a new school. Instead feet have been dragged for so long that even if a new school building is voted on and approved, neither one of my children would be going to it. Tis the joys of small town politics and backward thinking. 

I am scared for her but trying to keep a positive outlook on things so hopefully she doesn't pick up on my protective mommy feelings. I'm scared that she will see and hear things that I really don't want her to know at the tender age of 11. I am sorry that the school cannot offer her adequate choices in curriculum to keep her stimulated and learning at the same level that the elementary school has. I am sad that her junior high experiences will be played out in such a cramped and uninviting arena.

Sure a building does not make an education and I have heard such wonderful things about the sixth grade staff; however, I would think it would surely help the education process if teachers didn't have to share rooms/ spaces, windows could be opened and not labeled with signs that say "very broken. Do not open", hallways were wider than a shopping aisle of your local Rite Aid (or whatever drug store you have in your neck of the woods), if the music room was not next to the library, if the library had a larger book collection, if the technology that you and I take for granted would be available for the students (when school is in session it is a strong possibility that you will be kicked off the server because there are so many trying to get on) and if a parent walking through the building could smile picturing their child walking the halls instead of going home and crying hysterically because she felt like she had failed her child for having to send her to this building in the fall. (it was not a good parent orientation for me)

So where does that leave us with Kira's education? Well if the money tree in the backyard would start blooming, we could send her to a private school in the area or there is always the homeschooling option. Neither of which is an option for us. So come August I will drop my sweet baby girl on the door step of the Newmarket Junior/ Senior High School and be miserable and pray she remains the same Kira. Moving out of New Hampshire is also an option that is looking better every day.

Back to the second change that will be coming in August... my little peanut will be heading to first grade for a FULL DAY!! oh my. I am not sure what I am going to do with myself with those hours he will not be here. I will have to eat my lunch alone and miss my guy. Time sure flies.

Here are my happy kiddos on the morning of the last day of school. Looking oh so happy that it ends. sigh  

And here is one of Kira with her BFF Michaela. Such beautiful girls and happy they are friends. Kira was able to take home the paper chain that was in her classroom. oh how exciting for us, I think.

As to how I shall be spending my "free" time... thinking that the housework will get done without tripping over kids (always helpful) and there will be volunteering in my future as I love hanging out at the elementary school and I may be doing a bit of card selling. With all the cards I made this year, I have heard many times that I should sell them and even had a mom offer to host a party for me to get sales and get my name out. I'm thinking it would be fun.

New chapters. Lots to think about. Wishing I could slow down time for a bit. I'll have to enjoy the summer with the kiddos and make lots of fun memories.

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  1. Terri.. my kids have been out for 3 or 4 weeks now?? Michael will be starting 8th grade next year, but Bailey.. she heads to the big, bad middle school too! She will start 6th grade. I can't believe how fast they grow! I hate middle school the most too.. the kids seem to get really foul mouthed there. I dread the things she will hear. And I can't believe he is going to be in the first grade!! WOW!!! And I think you should definitely sell your cards! What a fantastic idea!