21 June 2012

disney 2008 continues

oh heck... who am I kidding? This trip will never be completely scrapped, I can feel it. The good news is is that it doesn't matter and I am having fun reliving the memories and using my stash. So it's all good.

This started with a PageMap and then took on a life of its own. I had more pictures than were on the sketch so I went for it and added them in and played around. The Disney paper is from Downtown Disney as is the sticker on the side. Added the rub on (here comes the parade!) and used alphabet rub ons for the title. Stitched a few sides of pictures here and there. Added some Mickey heads and called it done.

Pretty happy with it. Now if I could manage to work on the page on my desk. I have ignored it all day. I didn't like how it was going and I'm not sure if I will like it any better now. Thinking that in the light of another new day, it might start to grow on me.

But I did get my Project Life photos caught up (see previous post) so that makes me feel oh so happy and joyful. Kira picked up her saxophone from the school. We had forgotten to pick it up and as I was looking over my online calendar, it dawned on me that we were missing it. We tried to get into the school, but they are doing construction at the entrance so I went to the exit and went in that way. All of the office staff was laughing at me since they saw me coming in and then all around the parking lot so I would be heading the correct direction to leave. At least I made them smile!

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