29 June 2012

one happy organized mommy

I love me some organization. I mean seriously... who doesn't? Since the kids are growing up, I wanted to make their playroom a little more kid friendly and then maybe they would spend some time there playing instead of using it as a dumping ground. Since we never really did much to make it a playroom for them to begin with. 

First order of business was to figure out which pieces of furniture I could remove and live without. My eye went directly to the dresser that is holding the television and DVD/video player along with a boatload of videos and DVD's. It worked out great to put all the movies in the dresser since at the time, we didn't want Alex getting into all the DVD's and scratch them. You know the whole, out of sight, out of mind with toddlers trick. :)

He's past that stage so I started looking around to figure out where to put the large collection of movies that the kids have. I came across this amazing post in the most fantastical blog. Seriously, this woman is a genius and should be treated as a national treasure.

I found the sleeves and purchased one package as I wasn't sure hubby would join me on my adventure, but he did!! Love that. We then headed to IKEA and had a total blast buying furniture to fix up the playroom. More pictures of the transformation will be coming and pictures from our IKEA fun.

Today we worked on the kids movies. Holy Hannah did they have a ton. Seriously a ton! I picked up these two baskets at Target in their bathroom area as the ones in their storage area were not square but had angled sides which did not work. Here they are all put away in their sleeves and alphabetized since yes I am that anal.

View looking down on them. The movies in the right basket are all Disney. The movies in the left basket are the other kids movies and also include all the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse DVD's as well as our collection of Pooh movies since they would not fit in the Disney basket.

And here are the amazing sleeves!! I was so happy that Target had them on sale this week and I should have bought all that they had in Danvers, Massachusetts since the Target near me only had two boxes when we went out to pick up more! We went through 100 sleeves and only did the kids movies. Crazy I know.

Now we'll have to do the adult movies. No not THOSE types of adult movies. Harry Potter, Pirates, Iron Man etc. Get your mind out of the gutter!! We did manage to pick up two more baskets and I ordered four packages of the sleeves off of Amazon.com since ordering them through Target online was twice as expensive. You can be sure that when I see these in a Target, I am picking them up. Hubby was so impressed with how many movies fit in such a small space. Go me!!

And a huge thank you to Jen at IHeartOrganizing!! Without you, I have no idea what I would have done with all those movies!!

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