29 January 2014

dryer sheets

My husband always knows when I have been hanging out on Pinterest too much. Things get organized or cleaned or changed around. Or I even do something crafty!! I stumbled across this pin about homemade dryer sheets. Sure why not see what that all entails. 

Seemed pretty easy. Jar with a lid that seals, fabric softener, sponges and a measuring cup. I plucked a container out of the recycle bin and washed it all up (it was full of yummy cashew goodness in its previous life). I picked up some sponges on my next trip to the store and everything else I had!

I started a few cups at a time as I wasn't sure how much room I would have in the jar and how much room and displacement I would encounter once I added the sponges in. I think it was a package of six sponges so they weren't the really big ones that I used and cut in half. It seems to be working very nicely for us. As you can see I am halfway through my first batch of softener and it has been well over a month since I have started this adventure. Static doesn't seem to be a problem anymore and this is so much cheaper than buying the sheets or the bars to replace my Bounce holder.

I'd say this is a win for this Pinterest pin! 


  1. Holy crap!! We have been doing this for about 8 months with washcloths, come on...you know the type, that are too abrasive for faces!! Sure saves a ton of money!!!! Yay for us!!

  2. I think I may go to a cotton cloth when these sponges bite the dust but for now they are working very well!! We do rock!!