03 January 2014

who loves lizards??

My mom!! Well not really but it is a family joke which will not die. The kids seem to be keeping it alive more than hubby or I but when I saw these adorable lizard stamps, I knew who had to have some cards created with them!!

I will let the little guys do the talking for me. 

All of these cute guys are now happily residing with my mom in her Christmas present. I created her a card organizer complete with monthly dividers so she can keep track of birthdays and such. Hoping to post those pictures tomorrow for your viewing pleasure. Anywho, these little guys were so much fun to make and very colorful. I think I could learn to like lizards if they were as adorable as these!!

1 comment:

  1. Okay, selfish moment here, apologizing in advance. I refuse to tell you which is my favorite, since they all are, because if I were to reveal which ones are my favorites and consequently not receive them in the mail......you see where I'm going with this. Better to love them secretly from afar..............