31 January 2014

she is all mine

Not sure how I ended up with a daughter who is as unorganized as mine. There are times I am driven out of my mind trying to find something in her room, closet, dresser, backpack, binder etc that she KNOWS she has placed there and now cannot be found. The best part of these times?? Finding the lost item no where near where she thought it was. SERIOUSLY??!!

We had yet another one of those moments about a month ago. The elementary school implemented a new pick up procedure wherein all parent riders now have to be picked up by visual recognition by a staff member of the school inside the building. It was pretty wild and crazy the first week and a half but it has started to go a bit more smoothly. People were asked to have their ID's with them when picking up students in case the staff does not recognize you and you need to prove who you are. Makes sense.

So I asked my sweet wonderful flighty tween daughter where her ID was in case she needed to pick up her brother for me sometime. You would have thought I asked her to solve Pi to the umpteenth place!! oh my word. She could not remember where she put it. Where she had it last. If she even got one. Nothing. (these are the times I wonder if she really is MY daughter)

Time for some serious deep breathing on my part. and shaking of the head.

We look through her room in all the places she put her ID last year. Nope can't find it. Nana even went through her entire backpack with her. I went through her binder (and did some organizing because it was driving me insane to look at!) Could not find that ID. 

Next step ask at school what she can do to get another one. She ended up having to go to the main office but the person in charge of that was not there on that particular day so she had to go back. This is a huge deal as it took her forever to 'remember' to stop at the office in the first place!! (Nothing is ever easy with this child.) She did finally get to talk to the correct person and was told they probably couldn't do anything since it was the middle of the school year. ummmm... are the kids only supposed to lose their ID's the first two days after they get them?? (Which is probably when she did lose hers!!) But she said she would check into it for her and find out how much it would cost. I didn't care how much it cost, just wanted her to have her ID!!

Friday of last week was one of the middle school dances. As I am getting dressed to take her over to the school she asks me if she should bring her ID. WHAT?? Then she tells me she got the new ID on Thursday and it is in her binder.(and it didn't cost us a penny) Sure. Bring your ID. Can she find it? NO SHE CANNOT!! I am not making this up. She could not find her ID and it had only been a little over 24 hours that she had it. (Nope she is not mine.)

A few minutes of searching in her binder and backpack and she finds it!! Here she is with her ID!!

When she got home from the dance I took the ID placed it in a very large plastic pocket attached to a lanyard and handed it back to her to place in her backpack. Now if she loses it, it will have to be on purpose because it is so much bigger than a tiny card.

For the love of all that is good and pure, this girl gives me gray hairs on a daily basis.... and I love her to pieces.

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  1. I know exactly what you mean, and we love 'em regardless!! Plus, our girls happen to be absolutely stinkin' gorgeous!!! Who can resist??