06 January 2014

terri's teases order

I had posted back in March a lovely peacock inspired card drawer/ box that I had created for a special order on my Etsy shop. This customer contacted me again and asked for a special wedding themed box for her daughter. It needed to be blue with lace and pretty and such. Talk about fun!!

I stitched some lace all along the top of the box before I started assembling it. As you can see in the background, the next step was attaching some pearl-ish white seed beads along the edge of the lace.

Here is the top of the box once I had finished. I purchased the lace on the front of the box from Joann's and it worked out perfectly!! You can see all those seed beads along the edge on the top.

Little better view of the front of the drawer.

Last shot of this beautiful box. Perfect to hold wedding treasures for the bride.

1 comment:

  1. That is absolutely gorgeous! What a phenomenal job you did with the sewing!!!