24 January 2014

little bit of disney fun

This was the last page I managed to scrap before I dove headfirst into valentine production. We had a ton of fun walking around the Pop Century Resort at Walt Disney World. As you can see below things are never their real size at Disney!! Poor Kira got stuck on top of a foosball thanks to a lift from daddy!! Her shirt got caught when she tried to drop off and her tummy was stuck!! 

And can you see my family tucked in under that Big Wheel?? That is them!! Even teeny tiny Alex in his stroller. It was a good trip and I need to finish working on it.

But first- the valentines need to be completed. off I go...

1 comment:

  1. Yeesh, if you hadn't pointed them out, I wouldn't have realized where the family is in those photos!!! Good GRIEF, those things are big! I mean BIG! Love the layout and colors!!