31 December 2013

cough cough snarf ick gross

Why yes that has been me since the day after Christmas! I have been stuffy headed, runny nosed, coughing, aching and just plain old miserable. I spent two days laying on the couch doing absolutely nothing. Seriously could not motivate to do a thing. 

Thank goodness the kids were home or they would have been walking to and from school as this mommy was not functioning. It also helped since Kira could be my big time helper and feed me as well as Alex. She did awesome and I am so proud of her.

I am feeling much much better. Unfortunately I gave this head cold to my wonderful husband who was non too happy to receive my gift. I feel bad for him but he is also on the mend now. whew.

Of course we are getting better and are expecting a big old snowstorm Thursday into Friday of this week. oh the joys. We ventured out today to stock up because I was not in the mood to do it tomorrow (New Years Day) or the day of a storm. Been there, done that. Plus it is just going to get colder as the week goes on- brrrrrrr.

Kids go back to school on Thursday. I must say it hasn't been that bad of a vacation for them. There has been minimal screaming and fighting. That could have been because I was so deathly sick and didn't notice, but I'm taking it as they were actually able to enjoy each others company. Yup, I was loving my medicine that made me sleepy and dopey to the real world.

I am working on a small project that I hope to finish up sometime in the new year. Get it?? Since it is New Year Eve and all?? Sometimes I crack myself up. I do have some previous years projects that I need to post for your viewing pleasure as well. Hope to get on those tomorrow.

May you all enjoy the coming new year and the blessings which come with 2014!!