16 December 2013

rudolph christmas tags

A few days back, Alex was bored. Code word- needs to be hanging with mommy or daddy. So I asked him what he wanted to do. He wanted to do arts and crafts. Okay, we can work with that. What kind of craft? Gluing, paper, marker, paint, clay? oh yeah, and let's remember I was heading upstairs to start working on dinner in five minutes!!

He didn't know what he wanted to do so I pulled up Pinterest and showed him this cute pin I found and asked him if he wanted to create some to/from tags for us for Christmas. He was all for it. I got him all set up and walked away!! He was so excited to be left in my office with paints and in charge of getting these tags done. He came up to the kitchen, without any paint on his fingers!! and let me know he had finished stamping and was waiting for it to dry.

He went up and down the stairs a few times until he was certain things were dry so I got the red and black paint all set up for him and let him at it. Oh my gosh, he did such an amazing job!! I told him I would add the antlers and the to/from stamp when he went to bed. I also rounded the corners and love how they came out!!

I think I have to get Kira to do some too. There are not enough tags here for all the gifts we have to give!!


  1. Absolutely wonderful, I knew the kid was a prodigal son!!
    Love&Hugs | Me