13 December 2013

faux cross stitch cards

I was totally inspired by Savannah O'Gwynn at the Virtual Smooches blog for this technique.Let me tell you it is totally addicting and so much fun to do. I tried a few times and somehow was having issues lining up the X's to create a chevron strip. So I divided up the cardstock using my ruler and a pencil which helped keep my lines and X's straight.

Here is the stripes without the pencil lines. Still a bit wavy but better than they were (trust me).

Here is what I did once I finished.

I then tried it with only two colors of stripes. 

Then I tried it with green and red for the holiday season. Lots of bling on this one!!

These were more simple stripes.

And then a cute rainbow thank you card.

Let me tell you Savannah does a great job of describing how to do this and makes it look very simple (which it kinda is) Check it out!!

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  1. Holy crap!!!!! I absolutely, positively love these cards!! You could not have rocked them out any better!!!!!!!!!
    Love&Hugs | Me