18 December 2013

paper bag album part 2 (photo heavy)

Thanks for coming back to see what I created with all those goodies from yesterdays post. Here is the cover! Isn't it just dreamy?? And it gets more and more dreamy as you go forth.

I won't do much narrating since the pictures are pretty self explanatory but when necessary I will pop in a word or two.

The file folder on the left page has extra pages sewn into it for added journaling or pictures.

The green book opens and can be seen open the coming pictures.

These are the inserts that were tucked into the pockets created by folding the paper bags.

Thanks for looking!! More fun stuff in the coming days. I am having fun finally getting these creations posted to share with everyone.


  1. Isn't it great that you don't have to say photo heavy anymore?! DSL has taken over where dial-up has fallen, and I believe I read that fewer than a million people still utilize NetZero for dial-up. You rocked the holy beans out of this album. I don't even need to see the other albums created because sorry, they just won't compare. The sewing is exquisite, I hope you know!
    Love&Hugs | Me

  2. I like to warn people when I post a ton of pictures with a post, in case they want to skip on by. Silly peoples. And this poor generation of kiddos will never know the issues with dial up. I think they have missed something important. And yes being bumped off the internet because of the call waiting on your phone!!