17 November 2011

christmas gifts

I have mentioned this amazing idea I found at Scrapbook.com from a very creative scrapper 3peaspress. Loved it so much, I decided everyone should have these this year. So please act surprised when you open them. LOL 

I have already made the kids teachers theirs, now to work on everyone else I want to give them to. I am also making up a set of six to donate to our Turn Off TV Week basket raffle. Along with some other goodies ;)

Anywho... I think these six are going to my friends or they will be part of that basket. Still not sure yet. Have a few more to make up. And I need to get some more silver letter stickers. Michaels did not have these ones when I went last week and I was not happy with the selection at Joanns. I just want some silver letter stickers. You would think that would be easy... but NOOOO! So impossible. But I shall overcome.

Glass ornament balls, ribbons, silver letter stickers and blings all from Michaels. The paper pack... I cannot remember where I got it from. It would either be Michaels or Joanns. It is Cloud 9 Design Seasonal Paper stack.

These ones are for Kira's friends. I used the DCWV glitter stack for the rolling of the papers. Didn't need as much paper for these as the paper is heavier and doesn't roll as tight. But I still like the looks of them. I thought the girls can put them in their rooms after Christmas if they were fun and bright colors. 

Ribbon was at Michaels. Three colors on one spool and 50% off. I was a very happy lady.

Close ups of the front two. The front left is Michaela... a very long name for an ornament. I was going to do initials with paint/ ink. But I could not get the hang of it so that it didn't slip or smudge or look like poo-poo. I like the look of the names.

Feathers from Michaels. They were EVERYWHERE today in my scrapping room. I attached them with hot glue and managed to not burn my fingers too badly. Miracles do happen!!

These are the back four. I think Kira will love them. And she will be surprised they are done. 

I am going to make her decorate brown lunch bags for us to give them to the girls in. Figure I can take some scrap Christmas wrapping paper and run it through the shredder to keep them safe for travel. We'll also add some more of this great ribbon to keep it closed.

I am so happy to have these twelve ornaments done. Need to do a few more sets. Guess I should get trimming and rolling. Again... act surprised when you get these!! ;)


  1. Well now, those are just adorable!!! Is there anything you don't do? Oh yeah..Molecular Genetics...hahaha! You are so creative...I love all the projects you try. They always come out incredible. LOL @ the 'act surprise'...I will try. :p

  2. Oh wow!! I did some of those for last year's Santa shop at the kids' school! They're great! https://alienanessa.wordpress.com/2011/01/15/supersimple-design-an-ornament/

    Yours are wAAAAAAAy more fancy!!!