28 November 2011

goodbye and more adventures

We had to say goodbye to Nana and Papa today... until Christmas. The kids were not happy about it one bit. Alex would not look at me this morning at drop off for the picture. I think he saw someone he knows in the parking lot. And yes it is warm enough here for light jackets. Shhh... don't tell Mother Nature. We are enjoying the warm temps.

More fun with Scout. On this day he took a bunch of Kira's Pokemon cards and laid them out along with a couple of her reference books and some of Alex's Pokemon toys and some of Kira's Pokemon toys to stage this fun scene. Alex did not find it funny in the least bit. He was thinking he couldn't play with his toys because Scout took them. As soon as I explained that he could play with his toys, that the only thing we couldn't touch was the card Scout was holding, he seemed to be better with things. whew...

He spent the next day hanging on this picture which is at the top of our stairs. He could see what everyone was doing and where they were going. It was a good spot for him.

Last night, he was watching over Nana and Papa (who were camped out in Kira's room) The kids found him after a bit hanging from these butterflies. Looks like he could have a fun day with his new friends!!

I am loving having him around the house and I know the kids are too. Looking forward to seeing what other adventures he will have until Christmas.

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  1. Jeepers, you are SO good at helping to create mischief with Scout!!! Love your pea-pickin heart!!