11 November 2011

project life weeks 31-37

Here are the next group of weeks completed. I am very excited to have this years album done and start working on next years. I am thinking I shall be using the Cobalt kit. Then again, the Clementine kit is very pretty. 

In case you haven't looked before, this year may be the year that you might want to peek. Instead of having to purchase the entire kit (binder, core kit, plastics, dividers, extra papers) for one price, you now have the option of buying just what you want/ need/ can afford. Love this!! Click here to look at prices and options.

The plastics for this coming year are amazing!! I have ordered them and received them. I ordered some for my 2012 Project Life book as well as enough for two school years books. That is when Becky gets them out (hoping for early spring of 2012) It's a start on my journey to organize all that paperwork the kids generate from learning at school.

Anywho... here are a few more weeks of 2011....

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