23 November 2011

scout is in the house

The kids have been wondering when our Elf on the Shelf would be returning to our house to pull all those fun pranks on us as well as deliver messages from the kids to Santa himself on a nightly basis. Well it happened last night. He arrived and left a small message on our kitchen blackboard.

Alex found the message and then ran to get daddy to read it to him. He is getting along well with his reading skills... as long as I don't ask him to read. If I ask, he says he doesn't know the words. Stinker.

Anywho... this was his message....

 He also rearranged Alex's chore magnets into two smiles on the fridge to start the holiday fun.

Then the fun was to find WHERE in the house Scout was hiding. The kids did pretty good and found him in the family room hanging out with the speakers on top of the entertainment center. He is currently watching over everyone who is hanging out in the room. 

Happy the little guy is back. We'll see if he can help with the sibling fighting we seem to be in the midst of on a daily (hourly) basis.

Happy Thanksgiving!!

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