05 November 2011

halloween 2011

Here are a few pictures from the towns Halloween Haunt that was last weekend before the snow hit us. It was SO COLD!! We were lucky the kids costumes both had gloves but we couldn't layer too much under their costumes as they were just the right size. After we did the parade, daddy went and got the kids their coats to keep them warm.

Sonic the Hedgehog and Pikachu before the parade down Main Street. They even closed Main Street down so everyone could walk right in the street. Love my small town.

Here's my kiddos walking down the road. We dyed a pair of daddy's socks and added some shelf gripper stuff to the bottoms and then slipped Kira's shoes inside of them so she would have yellow feet for her costume. Worked out okay, she scuffed her feet a bit so there was a small hole on one foot.

The backs of their costumes. The kid in the red hat would not leave Kira and Alex alone! He kept talking about video games and characters and such. I finally had to tell him we were doing stuff as a family and he should find his. He is in practically EVERY picture of the parade!! At one point he said he would let Alex wear his Super Mario hat if Alex would let him wear his Sonic hat. I had to tell him no.

I did finally take pictures of my garland but haven't removed them from my camera yet. I promise they will be posted soon. Today I spent the day uploading pictures to be printed, copying my pictures onto CD's and deleting them off the computer. I hadn't done it since April! It needed to be done badly. Now I won't lose things if the computer crashes. 

Of course that means I am beat beyond belief and need to get off the computer for a bit. Catch you all on the flip side.

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  1. Hey lady, it's the flip side LOL

    Those are the cutest costumes, and you guys have THEE BEST little town around!!

    We've had that kid {above} issue happen to us too!! It was a kid at the pool, and hubby and I just kept thinking, we CANNOT be the ones responsible for this kid at a POOL!! We'd be blamed for anything bad that happened while he was in our sights. Anyway, it was a picture taking pool adventure, and I have to Photoshop out the kid!!