25 November 2011

the fun continues!!

Our little buddy Scout seems to be making himself right back to home this season. The kids did a scavenger hunt for him using four mini Hershey chocolate bars and some M&M's. He had to find all the chocolates and let them know which was his favorite. He decided all of them were pretty darn good. Then he found himself a nice comfy spot to relax his tummy from his chocolate fest.

Close up of his face with the evidence of a great night of chocolate!! The kids LOVED it!

Kira suggested to him during the day yesterday that he needed a bath to get rid of the chocolate. So this is where he ended up this morning!! Up by the light hanging on the baby powder. Along with a dry towel (gold color) and the wash cloth on the bottom shelf. He also left them a note thanking them for the bath on the small mirror. He also moved the bath soap to the sink for his bath. I'm glad he is cleaned up, but does he have to make such a mess??

 This is my project at the moment. I am painting a boatload of popsicle sticks for this project. Hoping I can wrap it up next week. We'll have to see. It depends on how much time I will get for painting. And if I can get my white paint to play nice. It is a bit thick. I added some water earlier so hoping it will work better after I finish posting this.

I will say I have my Christmas music playing. Love this station. They run Christmas music online all the time. Off to do some painting.


  1. Man, that is some serious parental devotion to Scout and all his activities!! Love it! What's the need for the sticks?

  2. I am making trees out of them. Someday...