11 November 2011

project life weeks 38-43

Here is the last batch of my pages. I know... we don't have that exciting of a life but it's ours. There are many things in this scrapbook that I don't think I would have ever scrapped traditionally but since I only need one quick picture and some journaling... all is preserved for the future.

The best part of Project Life?? You can do it however YOU want to. Love the flexibility of the products. Especially the new ones coming out now and in the future. You do not need to do a picture a day. You can do a layout for a month... or two. Or even a vacation album. Or maybe a few vacations in an album. With the different plastics available, you can set your album up however you choose. There are even these amazing Big Envelope Pages available. Talk about great for souvenirs and other goodies all scrappers collect. 

Sorry for the hard sell on Project Life... but I think it is an amazing way to capture life and all that entails. Enough from me... enjoy the pages.  :) 

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