11 November 2011

halloween garland- FINALLY

Hey look at this mom... my machine DOES sew fabric! Who knew??  :)

This is the base for the Halloween flower garland. I like it.

Here is the completed garland hanging up on my mantel. I still have left over flowers that I didn't need. I guess I got on a creating frenzy with them. They are so much fun though.

Continuing down the mantel.

Still going...

Getting to the end...

At the end...

I know... a little late but at least it was still in the same year that I posted the pictures!! LOL Thanks for looking. I think this is my last post for today. I've left you plenty to enjoy.

1 comment:

  1. Wowza!! Way cool job on that! Looks wonderful!!! I guess I shall have to break down and make some of those!!