23 October 2012

hole in the smile

Yup it happened. Alex worked that tooth until it popped out while he was at school. Such a brave boy. Much more than his mom or his sister!! Look at that smile!!

I was volunteering in his classroom so I was able to snap this picture of him wearing his tooth necklace from the nurse. He was so proud of himself. I am thinking the others around the new tooth don't stand a chance of being around for long as the new tooth is pretty darn big!! I think we will have many visits from the tooth fairy in our future. And don't forget to look at that terrible bedhead he has!! oh my. You would never know I did run a comb through his hair before school!!

First tooth = $5 and a set of mini Muggs in Captain America and Red Skull. He was happy so that is what is important. :)

May the holes in your life be filled with happiness!


  1. Good on ya, dude!! $5 and gifts for the first tooth????????? Good gawd, your kids would HATE ME!!! Mine got a silver dollar, and they were lucky to get THAT!!

  2. I passed you the Sunshine Award :) You are one of my favorite people hehehe


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  4. LOL!! I am glad my son is too young to read your post!! I guess inflation has blown the dollar a tooth rule out of the water huh?! He's too cute Terri!!