03 October 2012

terri's treasures samples

I am working very hard on my orders from my card party. I lost a few days when I was hit with a cold. And hit me it did. I was wiped out. Stuffy, chills, runny nose, cough, hot flashes and some aches and pains thrown in for good measure. I seem to be on the upswing and can manage to sit at my desk for longer than a minute which is helpful when creating!

Sharing some samples I made for the card party. This is a card drawer box that I love to make. It holds about eight cards with their envelopes. Could probably get ten inside as long as they were flat. I made this one out of a heavy pattern paper. I think it is a Basic Grey but can't remember. It is very pretty with the greens.

This is my card box that I totally love doing. It can hold eight cards and are so much fun to make. I made this one out of Basic Grey and yes I remember that since I LOVE the paper. I don't have a link to the instructions. I wrote them out from a video I think. I'll have to see if I can find it again.

And the card purse. These are great too!! These can hold from ten to sixteen cards. Again it depends on how thick the cards end up being. I believe this is Basic Grey paper. As you can see I went on a Basic Grey binge and picked up many greens. I guess I will have to change my favorite color to green instead of purple. :)

Off to work on orders. I am getting into the groove and need to get working.

May your day be anything but Basic (Grey) LOL!!


  1. Loooooove that you used Basic Grey!!! Yummy! These are gorgeous! If Basic Grey were food, I'd survive on it alone! LOL

  2. This is BEAUTIFUL Terri!! I'm going to send you some links soon on Facebook to the Tri-Shutter!!