30 October 2012

superstorm sandy

I mean just look at her!! WOW! What a storm. Flooding in NYC, snow in West Virginia, crazy winds everywhere. I am happy to see her fade away but I know the aftermath will continue for days (weeks) to come. 

We were so very lucky to have not lost our power this go around with Mother Nature. I am very grateful. Of course we were more than prepared to lose it. Hubby spent four days cleaning up the yard of sticks, branches and leaves so they wouldn't go flying through windows. We cleaned up the garage and did a test run of the generator. That was tricky as the spark plug was quite disgusting and not easy to get to. But we were set. We even had the cord running up the deck stairs and attached to the railing to the kitchen so we wouldn't have to do that during the storm (been there done that). Last night before it got dark, we ran another cord into the house for the downstairs. 

I had also been baking like a crazy woman to ensure we had yummy treats for our tummies. Now I have chocolate chip cookies, sugar cookies, brownies and chocolate chip mini muffins. Guess we should get eating! I am sure they won't go to waste. :)

Hubby and I went to Walmart on Friday and loaded up two carts of stuff for the storm. Okay some of which was Christmas related but we love to get that stuff done before the craziness begins and we didn't have the kids! Always a plus.

Maybe we were so prepared we scared Sandy away from us. Probably not but I'll go with that. Glad to see her gone. I am keeping everyone who has been affected by Sandy in my thoughts and prayers. Nature is nothing to mess with. And on the plus side, we are ready for the snow to fly this winter. The generator is all gassed up and ready to go and we have two five gallon containers of gas to run it. Not to mention the water we now have on hand!!

Very happy to see the sun today.

May Mother Nature shine down on you as well.

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  1. So glad you and your family are safe!! WOW! You really were prepared!! I think you really did scare her off - good going gal!! I will be sure to use your tactic next time one is head for the gulf - hopefully I have the same outcome! Again, very glad to hear you are all okay!