05 October 2012


Major terri sigh.

Another one.

Heck I will even throw in another one for good measure.

I am getting good at the sigh thing. Kira is perfecting them on us on a daily basis. Loving the tween drama...


What has got me in my funk? I shall tell you. I worked on these great Christmas cards for one of my orders and this morning they are not at all looking good. I used the wrong color paper so the accent piece gets lost. Even with a boatload of stickles, I could not save these cards. Such a shame.

Off I go to work on another set in the hopes that I can get my act together and use the right color papers this time around. Hey you never know... it could happen.

May your colors match perfectly today.


  1. Awwww Terri... I'm so sorry! I hate when stuff like that happens!

  2. I feel your pain! Sending good color matching mojo your way!!! Hope the new ones came together as easily as a happy dog wags its tail!!