15 October 2012

you are invited

To look at these fun Halloween party invitations I created for an amazing lady I know. I love challenges and that is what these were. She wanted something simple and cute Halloween not scary Halloween. I saw these papers and knew I was hooked!! Too bad I didn't buy enough of them!! Augh! I calculated wrong in my head. Lesson learned. Write down the amounts before heading out to the store. Not saying they didn't work out, but not exactly as planned. :)

This first one there are three of these. I love the double sided goodness that is these papers. Yummy!!

These are the ones that I messed up on the quantity of paper. There are six of this invite. But like I said, I like them both so much!!

And here is the insert all ready to be filled in. I had to use many different Studio G dollar stamps to get this. I do believe I need to invest in an invitation stamp for the future. Not that this didn't work and it didn't really take that long, but I think it could be easier.

Orange gingham ribbon was from my stash and has been here for quite awhile! I put a piece of orange cardstock on the back of the pocket to cover my less than wonderful stitching. I could not get the tension right to save my life. It looked fine on the front but the back was a nightmare (definitely headed for the scary Halloween) Plus adding the cardstock helped with the fact that the pattern paper was upside down from being folded in half. Next time I know what I will do different. So I guess it is all good in the long run.

I am now all done with my orders and will be bored if I don't get any soon. Seriously... going to work on some of my own stuff for a bit. It will be a nice change.

May your day be as wonderful as a party!!


  1. Those are so stupendously great!! I'll look through my invite stamps, I do believe that I have several, yet we have no parties ever, so I should send you one!!!!!