21 June 2010

field day and bridging up

Friday was Kira's Field Day event. They usually space the kids out very nicely for the parade portion but this year they took the students over to the Pines next to the school (nursing home) and then back to the school so the kids were pretty much all mashed together. This resulted in me not getting the best picture of Kira in the parade. I did get a couple but not worthy of sharing.

So I shall share these pictures instead. This is her class as they do their class cheer during roll call. Kira is the girl in red in the front row who has the 'as' in teases on top of her. LOL They did look cute with their star sunglasses. The theme this year was Heroes. It could be super heroes or just the everyday variety. Her class was the Incredible SuperNovas since they spent alot of time studying space this year. Very clever.

This is her with Christian. He's been in her class since first grade. Much to my hubby's shagrin. He thinks Chris has an alterior motive for hanging with Kira. Thank goodness Kira hasn't discovered how cute Chris is. As she says, they are friends.

Later that night, we had the bridging ceremony for Kira and her troop. Everyone of them bridged up into Junior Girl Scouts. Very exciting. The two wonderful ladies in the back are her troop leaders and they are simply amazing women. I really appreciate everything they have done for the girls.

And my little guy during the ceremony. After Kira bridged, he didn't really care what was going on. So he did a silly little dance which I caught a few moves of. Quite proud of himself.

Yesterday I spent Father's Day trying to burn the pictures on my computer onto CD's in case of computer failure. It has been awhile since I have done it so it seemed like a good time. Plus I had to create a CD of pictures for MIL of the kids. So in addition to that, I got all my memories saved and off of the computer. Feeling good about it!
Kira gets out of school on Thursday. I am counting the days cuz man, this morning routine is for the birds. She is fighting me about everything. But we can do this!! Then summer time. Even better, summer vacation for the kiddos with my parents for a few weeks. I am looking forward to it. This year hubby has said we don't have to do any big projects and I am so happy about that. Over the past four summers, we have finished painting up Kira's Disney Florida room, built a walk in closet for us, built a deck (and then broke my leg) and last year the biggest project of all... a new master bathroom. I think our biggest project this year will be painting the hallway and stair area. We have been talking about it for awhile and when there are not any helpers around would be a good time to tackle it. We have the paint and everything. Just need to do it. Oh yeah... and patch some holes from the baby gates. oh the joys.
I need to finish up these stack of cards that are looking at me. One for Kira's teacher, one for the previous PTA president and one for the school secretary. They may be put into the card purses, but not sure yet. Still debating that. off I go...

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