05 June 2010

lovely saturday

We had a thunderstorm come through this morning which woke me and the kids up. I was able to go back to sleep... them not so much. The good news is that hubby got up with them while I was left to sleep until 11am! oh my... so nice. I needed it. I was running on stupid.

We started hanging the new curtains I bought for the family room and decided we needed new rods for them as the old ones were not cutting it. We also got the AC units in the windows. okay... hubby got them in. I worked with Kira on cleaning up her pit of a room. Man that girl is a pack rat. We had to have an intervention to get her to throw some paper away. I may have a hoarder on my hands!!

We had dinner at Applebee's. Not my favorite but the food was good tonight. And we hit Walmart for new rods and some items for Kira's birthday party tomorrow. Got home and got the curtains transferred to the new rods and did some cleaning. Kids are now in bed... woohoo!!

I'll post some pictures tomorrow of the new curtains. I'm getting ready to turn this beast off for the night. I can smell the chocolate chip cookies hubby is making... yummy!!

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