03 June 2010

handed off the store

After three years, I have now handed over the keys to the school store to a very willing mom. I am excited to see what she can do with the store going forward but at the same time a little sad to be giving it up. I know I have to let it go for my own sanity if I want to be any kind of PTA president. I know that will take up any spare time I might have and wouldn't want the store to suffer because I got too busy. And Catrina is willing to jump right in and have fun. It's a good thing for everyone. I will continue to volunteer on a few mornings just cuz I think I would miss it too much to totally cut it out of my life. Really looking forward to seeing how it goes. I think it will be fun to only be a volunteer instead of having to think of the behind the scenes stuff.

The rain is holding off for now which is not good since I feel guilty staying inside when it is nice out, but there are moments that the sky gets really really dark and it does start to rain... only to have it stop after a few minutes. Lovely weather. But I do need to make some thank you cards and a teacher end of year gift so it is good for me to be inside. And that laundry is not folding itself so I guess I should get on it. Hoping the next post has some cards to show off. Wish me luck!!

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