11 June 2010


We enjoyed some time on Wednesday at the Lawn Fete held at the elementary school. It went from muggy to rather chilly. We were not dressed to stay for the entire time. At least we managed to get the kids in jeans so they weren't too cold. Here's my snuggle bug perfecting his closed eye look for the camera. I think he's got it!

Here's my birthday girl. I totally forgot to grab my ears to wear with her. They can't be worn when I drive as they hit the ceiling of the car. Darn... would have been a cute picture.

Hubby playing with the kids to keep them warm. Of course they were able to eat some ice cream even though they were cold. I guess ice cream is good no matter what the temperature outside is.

We left the Lawn Fete and came home to celebrate Kira's birthday with presents and cake. She was trying to guess what flavor cake I had made for her. She couldn't guess. But she was quite happy to see it was pink when we cut into it! Silly birthday girl!!

We took her out to dinner last night at Outback. Good dinner. Too bad it was downpouring and we all got pretty wet. Can't have everything.
Managed to finish up the yarn for the art teacher. Man... 6 foot pieces of yarn are quite long and hard to do. Glad that is done. Next time... KEEP MOUTH SHUT!! lol
Off to finish up the cards for the student council kids. They need to get them next week. Hop to it!! There... good pep talk. Off I go.... Have a lovely weekend.

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