09 June 2010

happy birthday munchkin!

Here's my birthday girl from her party on Sunday. Didn't get a chance to snap a picture this morning due to the extremly busy morning it was. She did manage to eat her chocolate chip Mickey waffle and play a couple games on Build-a-Bear-ville.com

Crazy day today. I have now made her a cake. It was white but I tinted it pink and have made the green frosting for it. Alex will help with the decorating of it with the sprinkles. I cut up the class party brownies. And am in the need to go shopping for her gifts for today. I need to get away from this computer and do that. Busy busy day.

And the Lawn Fete at the school tonight. Man... I'm busy. Is it summer yet??

Anywho... 9 years ago today this beautiful little girl entered my life and gave me the best gift ever... she made me a mommy. I am happy to have her and cannot wait to see what life has in store for her. Happy Birthday Kira. Mommy loves you.

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