18 June 2010

thought for today

Having OCD is hard.
Having OCD with one child is harder.
Having OCD with two children is even harder.
Having OCD with your kids friends playing in your house could result in a brain seizure.

They are not bad kids by any stretch of the imagination. They are always good. The hard part is the newness of not having these toys everyday so EVERY SINGLE toy must come out of its' location and looked at and dropped on the floor. So three boys ages 2, 31/2 and 4 in one house with two rooms worth of toys equals a HUGE mess and no room to walk.

I know having these playdates are good for me. It helps me let go of my OCD ways and be more go with the flow. Yet I still feel the pull to put everything away as soon as they leave. It's just me... and my OCD. I shall live through this.

And btw... it really should be called CDO since that is how the alphabet goes. It is more annoying to have a disease for being obsessive compulsive and yet the name itself goes against this 'illness'.

I think I need a glass of wine. And yes, the two rooms are back to their regular organized selves.

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