17 June 2010

student council thank you's

Yes I have them done. Yes they have been delivered to the students. Yes I finally have gotten them posted here! Nothing slow about me at all! LOL I made thank you's for all the students who helped out this year at the school store. In addition to these fabulous one of a kind works of art, they each got an eraser stick. Pretty darn good deal.

The first one I made two of. Should have inked the stem and petals of the flower but it works okay in person.

My poor blank inkpad is dying out. I did manage to pick up a new one, but not before I got these cards done. Better late than never!! LOL

New thank you stamp I got at Joanns dollar area by Inkadinkado. I love it! Layout based on a pagemap card sketch June 2010.

Another card based on a pagemap card sketch June 2010. Love the look of the brads on this.

You can see how pathetic my black inkpad was!! Poor thing gave its all to these cards. Paper for these are from the American Crafts Tea Party line. Love using scraps!!

Bad blurry picture!! Tried taking it at night. Yes someday I will learn not to do that.

And I have finished up Kira's Brownie Troop Leaders gifts. I will post those pictures tomorrow as it is now getting to lunch time and my little man is pulling at me to feed him. Guess he's hungry. Now that I think about... I'm a little bit hungry myself! Have a great one!

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