12 June 2010

lazy lazy saturday

I was finally able to take a picture of my new family room curtains. Everytime I think about it, the sun is coming in and my flash wouldn't go. Guess I need to find the manual override on that. Time to find the manual for the camera!! LOL Anywho... here they are. When they are closed it is so dark and cozy now. They will be great when we have guests over and during the winter when it is cold out.

Here are my Maine lillies from my twin. Last year they were very short and now look at them!! Pretty soon they will be taller than my rose of sharon in the background. Ignore the half painted garage wall and the half stained deck. Both are on my to do list for this summer.

My friendship rose from my twin!! This thing is going to be huge this summer. Guess it is in a happy spot in my garden. And such pretty flowers which are coming soon!! Pictures to follow.

Hubby is cleaning our bedroom. He is getting rid of some of the excess bears (Build A Bears) and putting my reading material on the shelves instead. Will have to take pictures once he has totally finished it up. Me... I have been uploading pictures so I can get an order going to York Photo and working on the student council cards. Need buckle down on these. Only 4 left. Slacking here.
No more blogging today... get to work terri!! Okay... have a great one!

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