22 June 2010

sunny tuesday

My very pretty lilies from Tania. They are starting to bloom and are simply lovely. I totally love them. Please ignore the weeds I need to pull as soon as the humidity chills.

Wondering if he has a future as a drummer?? This is his homemade drum set that he created all by himself. Thinking he is too clever for his own good. But loving him intensely!

One of hubby's managers was getting rid of a bunch of Lightning McQueen stuff and knew Alex was totally rocking it so we are the proud owners of some new goodies. Can you tell he likes the new sheet set a bit?? There is a pillow on top of his regular one that he sleeps on and a stuffed Lightning that has to lay next to him under the covers. So stinking adorable. Looks like we need to change out the Pooh walls for Lightning. sigh... I love the Pooh room.

Been working on the cards and got them done. Will have to post them later as I really really need to whip out those three card purses. Sure hope they play nice and don't fight me going together. Have I mentioned I cannot wait for Thursday 3pm?? Let the summer begin!!

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