04 June 2010

what did i do??

That is the question I asked myself at the end of the day yesterday. I was sooooo tired and yet, what did I really do? I worked the school store and then went to Catrina's place to give her all the information so she can take the store over. I came home and fed Alex and myself. After that I remember sitting in front of the computer for awhile with dreams of scrapping some thank you cards. Somehow that didn't work out too well for me.

hmmmm... I did print the sketch up that I want to use on the cards. I did work on getting the money amounts for the store worked out and sent to Catrina. I emailed with Nicole a few times. I played a bit on Facebook (my farm is looking lovely BTW) and added a player to my blog here. Which took a bit as I wanted both soundtracks from the Twilight movies to be playing. Then it was time to pick up Kira and we got very very wet going into the school. It did stop raining before she came out but the damage was done- our feets were soaked! My crocs were a squeaking. LOL

Came home and got a snack for the kiddos. Then helped Kira fill her birthday party goody bags. Finished up with my farm. Fed the kids dinner, started hubby and my dinner and cleaned up the kitchen. Sat down to read some of my Harry Potter book (Goblet of Fire) (I am reading the series again for the third or fourth time) Got the kids ready for bed. Kissed hubby welcome home. Played two games of Toy Story Mania with Alex before he went to bed. Ate dinner with hubby, cleaned the kitchen again. (does it ever end??) Finished up Mafia Wars and my farm on Facebook. Hubby took a soak in the tub. Then it was bedtime!!

But today is different. I am working on folding laundry and putting it away. I have gone to the post office to mail out Kira's birthday invites, a package to my twin in Maine and Kira's ponytail to Locks of Love. Cleaned the kitchen this morning and fed Alex and myself. Got a little bit before lunch. whew...

I am going to turn up my player here on the blog and work on those cards!! The farm and the mob can wait for me for a couple hours. Tomorrow there will be pictures of cards!! Yes there will!

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