07 June 2010

sunny lovely monday

and my laundry is hanging outside!! I love days like these. Somehow I always forget to have hubby tighten the lines until I am ready to hang clothes on them and we are almost dragging the ground! LOL Sooner or later I'll remember.

We had Kira's party for her friends yesterday. Here are a few shots of the fun.

Kira and her BFF Michaela. We had it at Build a Bear Workshop at the Mall of New Hampshire. Wonderful staff and it was a great party. We went with the Zoo theme when the kids got to choose their animals as they are the newest animals to hit the Workshop.

Here's the whole group of kids we had. The pith helmets were our addition to our safari. I think the girls enjoyed wearing them. Alex didn't want to wear his. Such a stinker. Back row- Maddie, Michaela, Kira, Zoe, Emily. Next row- Brian, Alex, Adanya, Allie and in the front is Justin.

My little guy giving Long Neck (his official name) a bath. Alex totally loves this part of the making of new friends. He could bring all of his other animals in and just wash them and call it a fun time.
Poor hubby had to go out in the pouring rain to get the cupcakes and juice out of the car when it was time for that. But he is such a trooper and did it. Nummy nummy time! And Kira got some fun presents. Most of which revolved around the dog and cat theme. Guessing her friends know her pretty well.
Working on the thank you cards for the student council members who worked at the school store this year. I have four done... only 7 more to go. And I need a teacher gift and two Brownie troop leader gifts. I need to get my hind end into gear and get motoring on them. Man... the hours in the day zip by and nothing seems to get done. So I best get moving so I don't lose more of today.

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