09 August 2012

a day in the life

It is summer. 
It is hot. 
All is good. 

You can tell how good it is just by looking at those two happy little faces! I mean seriously... does anything else say summer like that??? I thought not.

We headed out to Jacksons Landing in Durham and met up with my friend Nicole and her crew. Thank goodness we got there early as it started getting pretty darn hot by the time we left.

Alex ran around good and hard and Kira ran around with her Webkinz Kangaroo and her camera taking pictures and movies of their adventures. I need to get a few as they were pretty funny. I think my favorite was when he started driving the van with me.

Anyway... it was a great time out and about. I'm sure the McFlurrys afterward didn't hurt in the least either.

Love those happy smiles!!

1 comment:

  1. First of all, wowy she is looking grown up!! This is a seriously great photo, you captured them perfectly!! So glad you had such a great time!! Note to self: check and see if McFlurries are gluten and sugar-free hehehehehehehe