02 August 2012

clay critters

A couple years back I purchased a large quantity of  Sculpey oven dry clay. Of course I was thinking we would be making dogs or cats as that is what both kids were really big into at the time. Fast forward to now and the colors I have... sometimes just don't work too well. Guess I need to invest in some more colors besides browns.

It was an inside kind of day so I pulled out the clay and let the kiddos have some fun. Alex makes these clay blobs and puts holes in them. Not sure why but he likes them and plays with them so who am I to say anything?

Kira... my Kira. That silly girl of mine. As you can see by her face she was quite happy with her creation. A clay Pikachu. We did have a bit of a giggle time when she put the brown on his butt. Yup... mommy went there with the potty humor.

I mean seriously... how could I not say anything???

Alex working on his turtle. You can see one of his blob creations in green at the top of the aluminum foil. He worked so hard on this turtle, I was very proud of him. He did it all himself.

Kira ended up with a female Pikachu which I did not realize could happen but I guess it does. Who knew? And she made a chocolate chip cookie for her to eat. The red blob is a chaos emerald from Sonic the Hedgehog made by Alex and his turtle. I did the purple bunny and the headless pig. I was so bummed when  that happened. Since then I have fixed piggy and both parts are happily back together. My bunny fell over so the nose and the belly have a bit of a flat spot. I can live with it.

I'm pretty happy that doing this with my kiddos took about two hours and we had so much fun and laughs. I need more clay....


  1. Terri! How fun. My grandson is into polymer clays. I just bought him an oven and a bunch more clay as they were on sale for 50% off. The first thing we made were Pokemon things. He leaves them all here so they won't get "ruined by brothers". lol His brothers would not even bother them but Andre' seems to think they might. I can't wait to see more creations your kids make. Maybe I will post some of Andre's. TFS your personal life as I so enjoy watching your kids grow up! hugs

  2. OMG you did that too??? However, I bought a bunch o' that clay before I ever had kids, figuring I'd make Oreo cookies and tiny tomatoes and little pea pods. Hmmm, makes me wonder if mine's still moldable LOL!

    Your creations are wonderful!!