14 August 2012

will summer ever end?

Okay, it really hasn't been that bad with my kiddos...... except for yesterday. They started in on each other the moment their eyes opened. Must have been a bad case of the Mondays. At one point Kira was taking pictures of Alex being very silly. This was one such moment.

On the flip side... in two weeks they will both be heading off to school. I may miss them... until I arrive at Sunny's to have breakfast with the other moms trying to grab some sanity on the first day of school. Until then... they are all mine. Silliness. Fighting. Playing. Fun. 

All of it.

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  1. Oh boy, lady, I hear ya!! However, I'm happy to report to you that hubby and I have gotten sooooooo lucky with the kids' behavior surrounding this move. Despite not getting to do much of anything fun - except for having a bigger house to roam around in and hide-n-seek actually works now!! - they have been so good for us and themselves. It's astronomical really.