24 August 2012

quality time

....with my girl Kira!

Last night I ask Kira if she wanted to go to Good JuJu and use our gift certificate to Crackskulls. She said yes so to downtown Newmarket we headed today. If it had been a little cooler, we would have walked the whole way but since it was a bit warmer than I like to walk in, we parked at the library and walked from there. Which is only a couple blocks... do-able.

We went to Good JuJu first. I love that store. Such an amazing amount of creativity from local artists and the owner Terry is amazing. She is the ultimate crafter who has turned her passion for creating into a business. So much fun walking through and looking at everything.

We picked up a couple of chocolate candles that are so divine to smell and pretty darn cute to look at, a piece of real fudge that we can eat and an owl hair clip for Kira. Good time.

Then we headed to Crackskulls for some ice cream and to check out their used book selection. We found a book for both Kira and Alex and were able to each have a nice sized bowl of homemade ice cream. oh yumminess.

While we were there I noticed Kira was wearing the most perfect shirt for today.

She said yes it was an awesome day with me!! Love her. Then it was time to head on home. Here she is in the van with the books and our bag from Good JuJu. I can't believe how grown up she looks.

Love that Terry "autographs" each bag.

May your day be filled with Good JuJu as well!!


  1. Dang, sucks that JuJu is only on FB!!! I wanted to check out the store, but I no FB!!!

    Seriously, lady, those pics of Kira make her look a few years beyond 11! Wowy! Can't believe she gets to ride in the front seat!!! The kids have been asking me about that, but our laws changed very recently so now I have to go get edified on all that! She's TAAAAAAALLLL! Love her.

    Where was the little guy this whole time? I know, you left him in front of a cigarette store with a sign asking "Got smoke?" NOT

    I am soooo glad you two had such a great time. I totally need a day like that with Tee.

    1. I know... I tried to see if she had a website for Good JuJu but she doesn't.

      Front seat... yeah not for long trips but for around the town I don't feel too guilty and she's pretty tall so she looks like she is twelve.

      Alex was hanging with daddy at home today while we had some girl time. He was invited to come but decided not to.