27 August 2012

sybill has work!

A friend of mine sent me a link to a card she was wondering if I could make for her son's upcoming dinosaur birthday party. The hardest part for me was finding an egg shape that would work!! I found one at the Silhouette site and before I could download it, I had to upgrade my software since it has been so stinking long since poor Sybill was running!!

I must say the upgrade was a wonderful improvement on how I had been doing things with her and I may even keep her uncovered and use her!! Seriously so much more user friendly than before.

Anywho... this is the invite test sample that I showed to her and the birthday boy. He loved it!! He didn't even want me to take it back so I could use it to create the others. 

Below the eyes will say Ryan is 3 or something like that when I get my act together. I was so tired I couldn't even see straight so I skipped that part but told her it would be on there. I am also going to print up the information on the back of the card. It is a 4X6 size so perfect for the envelopes that I have on hand.

I also purchased a cutting file for a triceratops birthday treat box. OH MY GOSH! It is so adorable. I whipped one up to show her and I gave it to her son since he was not gonna let that go!! Glad he liked it.

I have been cutting all the pieces and parts today in between picking up kids, dinner and bedtime. I have to do the printing tomorrow but I am very happy with how all the pieces are coming together. I'll get myself a little assembly line and crank these out.

Sybill is quite happy to be of use and I am so happy that I have my first order with my new business!! Woohoo! I'll post the finished products when they are done. I just love the eyes peeking out of this!!

Hope everyone who peeks at you gets a big smile!!


  1. Cuuuute!! I was going to say, send me that Girl and I WILL USE HER!!!!!! I was about to threaten you with bodily harm {throwing M&Ms at you is all hahahahaha} SO glad it's easier to use now!!