22 August 2012

responsibility is as easy as this

Who would have known that one simple dispenser pitcher could give one so much responsibility and power??

Alex drinks a ton of milk. You are talking "serious owning moo cow would save us tons of money" amounts of milk. But he felt bad for constantly asking for milk. I had a light bulb moment and poured milk into this lovely Mickey head dispenser pitcher. I also pulled out some small cups that I found when cleaning this summer for him to use.

It has been wonderful. He gets his own milk for breakfast, lunch and dinner now (and all times in between!!) He is so proud of himself and I am too. Another bonus, Kira doesn't spill milk on the counter when she is pouring her own beverage! Win Win for everyone.

I do need to pick up another one of these pitchers so that the milk will not get that icky old milk flavor over time. Need to hit Walmart or Target.

Don't forget to drink your milk!!


  1. Well, lady, then our two kids are keeping the dairy farms in total and complete business. Have I told you that hubby and kids drink AN ENTIRE GALLON in one day? That's right, on shopping day each week, hubby picks up 7 gallons of milk. It is stupefying, and now you have saved me hugely with this idea. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!

  2. What an ingenious idea!!! My DS is still only two - don't know that I could trust him with this just yet but boy I hope I remember this when he is able!!!