29 August 2012

first day of school 2012

The first day of school comes very bright and early this year for us. And to tell the truth, it was not so bright when I had to get up to get moving. Did not like it one bit. Nope not at all. I would like my summer sleeping schedule back please.

Kira was a bit nervous that day but we tried to keep things light and fun. It took us about five tries to get this photo. She kept making silly smile faces. Yup... she is that tall!! She grew a half inch from July to August! Crazy bean sprout.

All set for sixth grade. Love her new LL Bean backpack! And it was packed FULL for the first day.

An hour after dropping my baby girl at the Junior/ Senior High School, I got to drop off my baby boy for his first day of first grade!! He was so excited!!

He wanted to get in the van so bad and didn't want to wait for pictures.

Last one before heading in the gym to wait for the bell. First grade looks good on him!!

End of the day for Kira and her BFF! These two never take a bad picture.

All in all we survived. Alex is totally loving his new class and teacher. Kira is adjusting to life as a sixth grader. She is loving the fact she has different kids in her classes and not stuck with the 'difficult' ones for the whole year. The best thing so far... she wants to eat food in the cafeteria! They have a fresh sandwich option. That will save me a boatload of time in the mornings.

May the morning light be sunny and bright... but not too early for you!

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  1. Ohhhhh lady, I've been in training this week, and it starts before 8am. NOT cute.

    Those pics are absolutely wonderful!!! Good lord, I'm so accustomed to not wanting to be in pics because of my fat face and butt, that I never thought of having pics taken of me with the kids!!!! Blargh!!!!

    The kids got free lunches last year due to my layoff then having to take a drastic pay cut, but they don't get them this year. Guess what they get? Cold lunches, which they wanted more of last year despite having free lunches!!! And now that we need to go cold lunch, guess what they want?????!!!!!!????? Yep. But good golly lady, I can't believe how tall she is!