07 August 2012

sharing a project life video

What a cute video and it really is the truth. You decide how complicated you want to make it and how you want it to look. I am doing a picture a day... but will also be using this system for the kids school years books.

Check it out... I think you'll like it.


  1. Okay, woman, don't hurt me for this, but I have a huuuuuuuge, monumentally huuuuuuuge mental block about the project life stuff. I really do totally get what it's all about, yet what it's all about is what bugs me. I have SO many supplies, enough that without purchasing anything but adhesives, I could easily make albums for the kids for each year they've been alive, and still have stuff leftover. Yes project life takes some guess work out of things, but I also feel like I would be restricted by the sizes and shapes of things that are sold with it or as accessories. And although lots of people would deny this, the project life stuff to ME just ends up looking all the same. Tell me about your experience please, and why I shouldn't be feeling those things!! Get me straight, lady!! It's your job now!! ;->

    1. I will try my best here... I use it to show our every day lives. The pictures that I might not normally scrap but are still part of who we are as a family. Example... last years PL album has me in my wonderful mammogram top before my appointment. Seriously I took a picture and put it in. Now would I make a layout with that picture... nope. But slipping it in the PL is perfect.

      I still go through and will be making albums for the kids since like you I have enough stuff to do that from now until forever. I have my PL posted at scrapbook.com from last year and 2009.

      Also if you click the link to my Foltz Family Project Life 2012 blog (above) there is a listing of others who are on this PL journey who do some A M A Z I N G things with their albums. Like adding in some of those products that are sitting around looking at you. But since I like mine to be clean and let the pictures and journaling be the focus, I don't add extras into the mix.

      I'm not ready to have all my pictures scrapped in the PL way... but for what I want those albums to say and be... it's perfect for me. Hope that helps.