13 August 2012

fighting crime

Fighting for Truth, Justice and the American Way.

(is that right?? I will admit I go to the movies with hubby for the eye candy they provide but I am not good on the tag lines and such)

Anywho... here are my three heroes! Alex and daddy finally wore their shirts at the same time! Then we had to grab his Build A Bear Starry who just so happened to be dressed as Captain America. Great picture of my guys. 

And then since he has been clinging to these heroes at bedtime, I had to snap a picture of him with all of them. I think we are in the nervous back to school time of year. He knows he wants to go to school but he is unsure of where he is headed and who will be there when he gets there. I'm waiting for the teacher letter with the invitation to visit before school starts. Hoping it comes this week. I think that will help my little guy a ton!

I need to remember to post this picture on FB on the Build A Bear Workshop page. Left to right- IronPuppy, Minty Hulk, Alex and Starry Captain.

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  1. Awesome pictures, just love 'em! I realize Dave's working for B-A-B helps a ton, but wow do your kids ever have mine beat in the B-A-B ownership! You wouldn't believe what we ended up getting Braeden for his bday last month -- a Vermont Teddy Bear fairy bear! He loves it; can't believe my little guy loves pink! Not girly stuff, just pink. And you can imagine how difficult it is to find non-girly pink stuff!!!