11 August 2012

all official like

The time has come.

The great reveal.

I know you were ALL looking forward to it.

My business card.

I am in love with it. Kira helped me with the logo. It comes from Staples and believe me, they made it E A S Y!! They had twenty five pages of logos to choose from and this is the one that was the most ME. Yes I did go through all 25 pages since my wonderful hubby asked if I had and I hadn't then I started thinking that maybe there might be another one that would be MORE ME. But of course this was the one.

I printed them up at Staples at their in store printing shop and I love them. Really love them. Have I mentioned that before?? And as you can see on the card, my website is up and running. Take a hop over and let me know what you think. I'm all for improving things as this is my first endeavor with actually selling any of my cards.

Thanks for looking!!!  


  1. I love them!! WAY cute!! Glad it was that easy!!! Woot!!!

  2. I loooove that tree! Awesome card! Too bad weebly doesn't have hosted payment options too! That way you wouldn't have to wait for people to contact you, they could just order a card or thirteen online! Here's to dreaming, eh?

    1. That would be lovely Anessa. Guess that's what happens when you opt for the free hosting site. :)