12 August 2012

scrap room clean up

I will admit I did not take any BEFORE BEFORE pictures. I started taking them after I had gotten everything off of the floor and put it on my desk. It was quite a pit during the BEFORE BEFORE stage... trust me. I had floor space enough to get the chair from in front of the computer to my scrapping counter space. And I would sometimes run over something that had slipped from the piles. I am ashamed it got so bad and could not share my shame.

Here goes your photo tour of my pit. This is to the left of my room when you walk in. And remember, it is a 6'X9' space with a large L shaped desk taking up most of the floor space. But it is all mine!!  :)

Yes those photo boxes are leaning. They are doing that because of the green box on the bottom of the pile. It was empty. And all the others on top of it... they are FULL. oh the shame. BTW... I am currently watching all the seasons of Buffy the Vampire Slayer while working in my office.

Moving along...

The printer is much better than it had been since it wasn't working at all and I had to remove everything off the top to switch out ink cartridges. Can you see my Silhouette Sybill??? She is under the pink book. Yeah... I can't find her either.
Moving along the desk top. It really didn't look like this when I was using the space. This is after I had pulled everything off the floor to vacuum.

The red bag is holding paper that I picked up at my LSS for use in the business. The Build a Bear bags I use to hold my paper scraps for recycling. When they are full into the recycle bin it goes.

Continuing along the desk. As you can see yesterday it was raining. So it was a perfect day for cleaning up. Didn't hurt that my honey got me a new chair either!!

Shelves. EEEEEK! Seriously. How did I function??

During dinner hubby and I were joking about making a bet whether I would get it cleaned up before bedtime. I decided not to since I probably wouldn't have it done... Should have made the bet!!

AFTER!!! Hey look... boxes standing upright. I have recycled the poor squished box. It will be much happier now. I can see desktop!!!

Moving along. Look!! You can see Sybill!! I am going to fire her up and cut something. Really I am. Yes chocolate fishes live in that jar in the corner. Much better for me than M&M's. In the Tiffany's box on the ledge is a lovely pen that hubby was given from Build a Bear. I should use it.

The stuff on the printer needs to be scanned and filed. Kids school stuff.

More desktop. Who would have thought??? The mug holds my paper scraps as I am working and gets emptied into the Build A Bear bag on the floor. The other container holds non recycled items for the trash.

The shelves look much better. Which is good. They couldn't get much worse!!

Newest storage item in my room. It holds my smash book stuff. Someday I'll actually use it. It also holds my cards for the business and my spellbinder dies.

Thanks for stopping by. I do believe today will be a work on the Pokemon clocks day. I have been avoiding them for a few months now. Bad mommy.


  1. Looking good Terri! Wish I would get the ambition to do something cleaning in mine. Seems like I would rather create messes than clean up. lol

  2. Now you have a ton more room!! Yay!! If I lived up near you, I'd have helped you in a heart beat!! Just wait til you hear what happened this weekend with MY scraproom!