03 August 2012

july/ august card sketch challenge

Back again for another month with this great group of ladies who are slowly working on our Christmas cards... one month at a time. This month I only made four of them because I ran out of the background paper but I think I will have enough cards come November.

This is the sketch we had to work with. I really like this one.

And this is my take on this.

A little back story on this card. In my office (crafting pit at the moment) I have a drafting stool instead of an office chair due to the fact my counters are well... counter height. Regular office chairs leave me stretching to reach the top of my desk. (insert silly short jokes here) We found this great stool at Staples and it has been wonderful for many years.


Both my sweetest Kira and loving husband standing behind me and pushing down on the chair while I am sitting in it. Busted out the hydraulic lifter on this stool of mine. It will go up when Alex sits down on it, but when I do... I'm down below sea level. Seriously.

To make up the height so I can scrap since we wouldn't want anything to interfere with that now... I am using a pillow chair to give me a lift. I got myself all situated and ready to scrap. Totally forgot to grab any Christmas paper. I mean seriously. Since it is such a pain in the hind to get in and out of this chair now... I leaned over to my 8.5X11 paper holders and found this Mickey paper. Then I could grab at my scrap cardstock and my full sized cardstock without leaving my seat. Totally lazy but seriously.... it is so hard to get into this chair now. The minute I put the pillow on it... it raises up. I have to put myself across the stool and stand on a smaller step stool and throw myself onto the chair. I have had daydreams of me falling flat on my face and trying to explain that to the ambulance crew who shows up.

Go ahead and laugh. I am hoping we can get me a new stool soon. Before I end up on the floor.

Pretty neat backstory for a Christmas card. I am wondering if I should include it with the card itself???

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