23 August 2012

who knew??

That you could achieve gold status on the Michaels Rewards card?? Not me. I was quite surprised when it showed up in the mail. Of course my husband could understand it. Not only that... he wondered out loud how long it would take me to get to platinum status. He's so funny.

I can't help it if we purchased some stuff for Christmas as well as art stuff for Kira there. Not to mention items to create two Pokemon clocks that are still not finished. But I digress...

I'm in the gold at Michaels. Go me!!

I hope all your days are golden too. (yup totally snagging your tagline Alien!!)

1 comment:

  1. Isn't that a great tagline? I think I made it up, then again I'm so addicted to Pinterest that I don't know if my subconscious took it and ran with it!! LOL

    BAM on the gold status! I am at the polar opposite end of that ~ haven't purchased something at Michaels in YEARS!! The store here in Ft. Fun absolutely sucks on ice. Paper crafters are so bourgeois that the section in there is like 4 small rows total. Stoooopid!